Know More About The Whale Watching Tours

The giant whales can easily travel thousands of miles and kilometers in just a few weeks. Usually, the whales of the oceans may travel up and down the Pacific Ocean and tour the Canadian and the US coastlines. They often venture up to the Hawaii region and return back to the food-rich places. Whales may migrate across the seasons for the benefits. They may venture into the warmer waters of the Baja California region during the colder month. During the summer months, they return to the Arctic waters for food. You can watch many different varieties of whales closely when you join one of the whale-watching tours in Cabo San Lucas, one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

The Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Tours

As stated, the whales may cover the regions from Siberia to Alaska and travel more than 6000 miles for calving, breeding, and other purposes. Cabo San Lucas can be a perfect destination to watch the whales closely between the month of December and April each year. Tourists can also closely watch the majestic gray whales here during the season. These whales are fond of singing and jumping, and showing their tails as well when they dive deep into the waters.

Features of Cabo San Lucas Tours

Cabo San Lucas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The resort city is a preferred tourist destination for celebrities as well. It is located close to Baja California, a peninsular region where you can watch whales closely. Apart from whale watching, Cabo San Lucas has many different activities to offer to the tourist including scuba diving and snorkeling among others. Some of the important features of a whale watching tours in Cabo San Lucas include:

  • A bilingual and expert guide will accompany you throughout your whale-watching tour.
  • Boats of different sizes and varieties (including the glass bottom boats).
  • Tequila tasting, bottled water, and all other kinds of amenities needed by the tourist.
  • You can request all other kinds of drinks including vodka, rum, beer, margaritas, whisky, or juices among others.
  • Availability of the sunset cruises with dining facilities (vegetarian options may also be included upon request).
  • Tourists can also request other activities including snorkeling.

A Real and Exciting Experience

Best whale watching tour in Cabo san Lucas can be memorable for you. You may listen to the whale songs. These sounds are made by the humpback and the gray whales. Whales make a variety of sounds to communicate with each other when they are separated by long distances. These sounds can go on for up to 30 minutes. However, only the male whales make sounds and sing. A whale-watching tour will reveal to you many more interesting facts about ocean life and the largest mammal on earth.


Cabo San Lucas is a popular tourist destination in the world due to many different reasons. Apart from the memorable and one-of-a-kind whale-watching tours, the place also has interesting nightlife and a range of resorts (including luxury resorts). At Cabo, you can ride the horses, charter boats for snorkeling or fishing, or go scuba diving, among many other interesting activities that the place has on offer. When you want to have the most memorable vacation experience this holiday season, you should not skip the whale-watching Cabo san Lucas Mexico

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