Why More Boat Owners Prefer Mobile Boat Detailing For Their Old Boats

Mobile boat detailing services are a great investment to have for all types of boats, and other watercraft like jet skis, sea-doos, and wave runners to help you save more money and time. You can keep the watercraft or boat just like new ones after booking from their custom-made services for different types of boats. After booking a boat detailing package their certified and well-trained technicians arrive at your place to clean and detail your watercraft and boats.

Why Boat Detailing Service is a Great Investment?

It is common for boats to go through harsh conditions. Over time, such conditions result in some damage to boats like faded paint, and dull fiberglass, causing the boat metal to lose shine. Salt is highly detrimental to the surface of boats and it leads to damage resulting in rusting and corrosion. Expert boat detailing service protects the boat from such damage. With a good quality mobile boat detailing service, you won’t need to worry about picking the right products to clean the windshield, hull, and other boat parts. And the mobile boat detailing services are also a good investment as they arrive at the boat’s location.

Some Common Services

Whether you want to clean the speed boat, polish the yacht or coat it for maximum protection the mobile boat detailing service covers you in all aspects. Let’s look at the range of services that make your boat appear just like new.

  • Boat Cut Wax and Polish
  • From $40 linear ft.
  • Decontamination and wash
  • Power rinse
  • Machine cut polish for eliminating oxidization and restoring gel coat finish
  • UV protection on moldings and outer trim

Detailing of Boat Interiors

  • Shampooing and vacuuming carpets
  • Engine shampooing
  • Cleaning and shampooing vinyl and all interior surfaces
  • Bathroom and kitchen cleaning and sanitization
  • Stainless steel and metal protection and polishing
  • Fabric Guard

Some Essential Things to Take Care of

Most people save a lot of money to obtain boats and maintain them after buying them. By investing in the right mobile boat detailing near me services they retain or increase the vessel value. Let’s look at what vessel owners should consider for yearly maintenance. This is a list of recommended annual maintenance.

Topside Waxing

It is recommended to have 2 to 3 topside waxing in a year for keeping up on Gelcoat appearance by waxing it.

Cleaning Canvas

Waterproofing and canvas cleaning is a good step once per boating season to make your canvas waterproof to repel dirt, bird dropping, water, etc.

Shrink Wrap Boat

Protect the boat gelcoat from the harsh elements of winter. Boats get a significant amount of damage even from the winter sun.

Detail Washes

Getting regular detail washes once a week or bi-weekly ensures that you’re getting it rid of surface dirt and pests accrued while you set slip or use the boat. Regular washing to dried bay water post single use minimizes water washes after a single use. It is used to lessen water and dirt spots.

Engine Room Detailing

With engine room degreasing and cleaning, detailers keep up with the appearance and also keep the space free from any bilges. With a clean engine room, it is simple to maintain the boat.


With an expert mobile boat detailer, the service provider also brings various supplies and tools to clean the yacht’s exterior. Using a quality boat detailing OKC service also makes regular boat maintenance easy. Book a professional boat cleaning and detailing service as they’re equipped with all the required materials and tools and restore your boat to the best it can look.

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