Effective Tips For HVAC Maintenance

The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning) systems may be consuming even more than 50% of your total household energy. If you can maintain your HVAC’s optimal functioning state, it can reflect in your energy bills and improve your finances. Maintaining your HVAC will also delay the need for its replacement and again save thousands of dollars. It will ensure better reliability of the air conditioning and heating system of your home as well. Below are certain tips that will help you regularly maintain your HVAC and ensure that it is always functioning in an optimal and energy-efficient way. HVAC Companies OKC

Schedule the Professional Preventive Maintenance

Professional preventive maintenance for HVAC will inspect and troubleshoot all the issues beforehand and will provide a thorough service to your HVAC systems. In the majority of cases, there should be two HVAC maintenance schedules during a year. During the fall, it should be for a heating and during the spring it is for air conditioning. The HVAC technicians:

  • Inspect and tighten all the electrical connections.
  • Inspect the calibrations and settings of the thermostat.
  • Provide lubrication wherever necessary.
  • Adjust the components of the blower.
  • Clean the condenser and evaporator parts and adjust them.
  • Inspect the charge (and other aspects) on the refrigerant.
  • Inspect the important components including the heat exchanger, combustion, and gas pressure.

Carry Out Visual Inspections

Many of the abnormalities and issues of an HVAC system can be found out early through a visual inspection. You need to check the inside and outside units, thermostats, returns, and resistors. You can also check the battery status of the thermostat. Other important areas to look into include:

  • Registers for any signs of mold growth.
  • The leveling of the outdoor unit (you can level the unit through the use of shims).
  • Ensuring that the cabinet door and the filter access are closed.
  • The condensate system and whether it is working and draining fine.
  • Returns and the register should be open and unblocked.

Removing Clutter and Ensuring Tidiness

The indoor unit of the HVAC should be clean to provide better air quality. Clutter will have more dirt accumulation which will also penetrate the vent system of the HVAC. It can also be a cause of fire or tripping. Similarly, the outdoor unit of the HVAC should also be kept in a clean area. Ensure that it is not surrounded by twigs, fallen leaves, and other kinds of debris. You can also use the water hose for cleaning the outdoor unit. Trim the plants and trees nearby the outdoor unit so that they are at least two feet away from the unit. It will provide for better airflow.

Replace the Filters

Filters are cheap but important components of your HVAC system. They work continuously to remove hair, dust, and other kinds of undesired particles from the air. The filter of the HVAC should be cleaned or changed every 30 days. You should be choosing an air filter that has a MERV rating somewhere between 7 to 13. The filters help the air pass through and provide for efficient cooling and heating. Blocked filters can result in high energy consumption.


The tips given above will help you have a more energy-efficient HVAC unit that performs well and provides maximum cooling or heating. Keep on monitoring your energy bills as well. Leading professional service for HVAC repair OKC can solve many of the issues of your HVAC and help you save more money. Oklahoma City ok HVAC

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