7 Household Items That Can Clog Your Drains

All of us know how messy plumbing can get. Yes. We can’t but cringe at the thought of the ghastly stuff our leak detection professionals encounter every day. And guess what? Some of the experts have agreed with our views. According to them, they’ve practically pulled out everything that you barely imagine from these pipes and clogged drains. Whether it’s some old dentures or ten big pounds of wheat- plumbing professionals have seen it all.

But what exactly are these home items that end up clogging drains? What are the things that require more attention from your end? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll find out in this article.

 Egg Shells

 Egg shells are perhaps one of the common causes of clogged drains. When you peel your eggs, these small little shells somehow manage a way to get trapped- and that too, in the darkest corners of your sink. This alone is one of the main reasons why you need to give more attention to these shells while peeling them. Avoid peeling your eggs in the kitchen sink to reduce the possibilities of this issue.

 Pasta and Rice

 Both pasta and rice have the maximum chances of getting trapped in your drains. This is primarily because of their sliminess and starch. But this issue too can be easily avoided. All you need to do is wash them on a table instead of your sink. Although this invites greater effort, the results are truly worth it.


 Whether it’s the bathroom shower, the bathtub or practically anywhere in the toilet- human hair is omnipresent. The situation is even more difficult for people with long hair, as they experience frequent bouts of hair loss, every time it touches the water. The solution? Wear a shower cap, and things will be fixed automatically.

 Fruit Peels and Rinds

 Since fruit peels require some efforts to break down, they easily clog your drains and sinks. This even applies to the tiniest of peels that somehow manage their way down to the sink. Here too, the solution is pretty simple. All you have to do is dispose of these peels in the garbage disposal. This will reduce your hassle and also keep your drain clean.

Grease, Oils, and Fats

 You should never allow grease to go down your sink drain. This is primarily because it’ll coat the drain pipes and develop as sludge. An easy way to avoid this is by disposing the excess oil to a small container. Once the substance congeals, directly dump it in your trash.

 Kitty Litter

 Don’t even get the remotest idea of dumping kitty litter in your toilets. Their litter contains silica, clay, and sand, all of which are collectively detrimental for your plumbing systems. Your kitty’s small piece of litter will soon turn into big clumps that’ll eventually clog your drain. So instead of using a drain, try using a garbage disposal unit.

 Dental Floss

 Although they’re claimed to be ‘flushable’ these dental flosses are one of the biggest culprits in clogging your kitchen drains. Since most of these floss strings aren’t biodegradable, they join the trapped in hair (and other stuff) thereby turning into a big clump. They also exude this terrible odor that’ll make your life miserable.