After heading public, fatal results are feared by Oriental guy battling IS-IS with YPG

A YOUTHFUL Oriental guy who covertly joined a Kurdish team battling with the Islamic State in Syria mentioned he worries an interview he did against the British Broadcasting Corporation has endangered the security of his fellow residents.

He and other combatants speaks no Arabic and communicate utilizing an electronic thesaurus.

BBC Cina approached skillet after publishing selfies along with his friends decked-out in camo equipment, recording his day-to-day encounters on social networking and brandishing high quality guns, on We chat and micro-blog Weibo.

“IS has has had so many harmless lifestyles,” he informed reporter Vincent Ni, including the team had “trained several Oriental people and then routed them straight back to China”.

Pan’s phrases seemed to give weight to previous statements by Chinese regulators that Islamic cultural group Uigurs (also called Uyghurs) have struggled along side Islamic Condition and came back to China with motives to perpetrate terrorist acts.

“[I] should not have let BBC statement on it. IS-IS can also be studying the BBC and you will find lots of countrymen working in Iraq as well as additional divisions in the Middle-East, although death or my life doesn’t issue.

“I do not need them to encounter retribution due to me … I do not need to see harmless people hurt because of me.”
Skillet (shown above) states he’s struggled IS to the front-line in Kobane twice because coming in Syria in October

Skillet (shown above) states he’s struggled IS to the front-line in Kobane twice because coming in Syria in October

The BBC noted that a few factors brought to the determination to walk from his existence in Szechwan Province in China’s south West of Pan, including difficulties obtaining routine function as well as a messy breakup with his girl friend.

Directionless and despondent, Skillet discovered motivation in the narrative of Lei, an English-Oriental guy who joined the YPG. A fad has been received by the productive social networking articles about life as a soldier in a foreign land of Lei on-line following and Skillet became a devotee.

Pan’s family believed he was really going to Siam when they wish him good-bye in the airport in Sichuan.

On Sept 2 4, he found a trip to Istanbul from Bangkok before coming on Oct 1 2 in Syria. His place on Weibo, while he was in Bangkok published on June 18, stated:

“Then [I Will] get it done! I am being waited for by Syria. I actually can not remain how savage IS-IS is”.

The surprised big sister of pan informed the Western China City Daily, among the very read papers on the planet in Sichuan, that she was incredibly worried about her brother’s security.

In spite of the marketing, their aged parents stated she’d no intention of showing them and stayed in-the-dark about the new existence of Pan combating the terrorist team.

“They do not understand where [Syria] is, or do they understand what ISIS,” the cousin, whose title wasn’t printed, informed the newspaper.

The South China Morning Post noted the sister had moved 3000 yuan to Skillet over a month ago after her called and stated he’d run from cash abroad.

The YPG is among the biggest coalitions battling has pushed out the fear team and IS of several Syrian border cities in 2013, supported by allied airstrikes.

The multiethnic militia brings numerous volunteers from all over the world, including Aussies, prospecting several through internet efforts and social networking. Queensland guy Ashley Dyball came back home this week following a seven-month stint battling to get a YPG device called the Elephants of Rojava.