Basic Things to Know Before You Start Wikipedia Page Editing

The famous website Wikipedia is the multilingual not-for-profit online encyclopedia founded by Jimmy Wales and supported by Wikimedia Foundation. Its English-language Wiki version has up to 5 million articles with an estimated 25 million users. Today Wikipedia is the most famous online encyclopedia in the world and contains more than 6, 547,998 English language articles.

About Wikipedia

It is most probably the largest knowledge collection that has ever been compiled and it is certainly the most widely accessible one. Almost anyone with internet access can do Wikipedia page editing, but is it possible to get reliable information? According to a 2005 study, some Wikipedia articles of scientific nature were compared to a professionally edited encyclopedia. This suggested a huge community of volunteers can make and sustain accurate content.

Anyone can write and edit the entries in Wikipedia – Wikipedia pages are open for everyone and anyone can edit and modify them. However, the administrators don’t allow direct Wikipedia page editing on some pages if they think they are prone to regular vandalism – the addition of falsehoods and abusive language.

Checking For Accuracy and Quality

Best Wikipedia editors is self-policing and it relies on the community of volunteer editors to improve the accuracy and quality of pages over time. It’s the “wisdom of crowds” principle in action. Writers can back up any factual statements with authoritative sources and verifiable references as much as possible.

How Easily Can You Write Wikipedia Pages?

There are many rules on Wikipedia. The most obvious one is not being dishonest. Another one is avoiding posting any opinions and writing down verifiable facts instead. However, you can set up a user account with a pseudonymous username to anonymously edit. However, the use of anonymous accounts for puffery and blatant misrepresentation (sock puppetry) is generally present and they challenge or remove the offending content.

Rules For Companies and People Using Wikipedia for Self-Promotion

Blatant self-promotion is frowned upon by the community and it is viewed as an interesting conflict. Anyways, as you’re not controlling the page, people can add less flattering information. However, “Wikispam” is “deleted speedily” according to the website.

How To Become an Editor?

Users don’t have to log in to the website for reading or edit articles, but registering and setting up an account lets you create your pages, and upload and edit content without the internet protocol (IP) address – the number identifying a computer or mobile phone on a network – that the public can see. Top Wikipedia editors.

How Does Wikipedia respond to Misdemeanor?

There are more than 1300 Wikipedia administrators, and they can easily track down the IP address of anyone who tampers articles. Tracking can be done in rough locations, and it enables them to find suspicious behavior patterns. They suspend offending accounts, without the identification of individuals.

Knowing About Copyright Issues

With certain conditions, almost all content of Wikipedia can be freely edited, reused, adapted, and distribute. Wikipedia doesn’t accept non-free material under its copyright restriction. Some journals, including the ones from the Public Library of Science, publish material under an open-access license that is compatible with Wikipedia use with proper attribution. Most don’t. Therefore, although it might look tempting, editors should avoid copying figures or texts from their latest review article into Wikipedia. Moderators will quickly identify it as a blatant copyright violation and will flag it for deletion. You can provide Wikipedia permission to use the material on your own, but the process is time-consuming and can’t be reversed. It is best to rewrite the text in simple language or redraw the figures for better accessibility. It also ensures that it suits the general readership of the site.


To keep up every day with Wikipedia page editing standards, it has a strict inclusion that needs verifiability. It is best established after attributing each statement to a published reliable source. Most scientists remain in a fortunate position to have access to a wide variety of literature and experience in the use of inline citations for supporting their writing. As unverified content is mostly taken down in Wikipedia, you should provide supporting citations for all statements that are challenged by another editor at some future point.

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