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Phoenix is a city in Arizona, popular for its flora and fauna. It is also one of the most populous city in the United States of America.  It’s a great place to live in, for the ones who love nature, and the cost of living in Phoenix is much cheaper than in other cities in Arizona. The city is also very popular for its amazing hotels and spas. The hotels are designed incredibly in the interior and exterior.

If you are living in Phoenix, or plan to live in, you must have already been mesmerized by the beauty of the kitchens in hotels of the city. While you are planning out the interior designing of your modular kitchen, make sure you think about the type of kitchen sink you want to have. Since a sink in the kitchen is always exposed, you will need to choose a sink that suits your lifestyle and preferences, while designing the best modular kitchen for you. This way, you will not only have a kitchen sink that is practical, but also as trendy as any hotel’s kitchen sink in Phoenix.

Types of Kitchen Sinks Based on How it’s Mounted

Inset – Inset sinks are the ones that are mounted from the top. These sinks aren’t as trendy as other sinks, but are more durable and cheaper. They also require lesser maintenance than other sinks.

Under mount – Under mount sinks are the ones that sit under the counter. These sinks look attractive because of its smooth look. They are preferred because of their looks and counter space. They have more counter space than the other types of sinks.

Apron front – These sinks are called so, because of an apron, that is a part of the sink, which hangs from it. This is to preserve the cabinet box that is in front of the sink. These sinks help in reducing the strain on your back, as you don’t have to lean forward much, while washing your vessels.


Types of Kitchen Sinks Based on its Cabinet Size and Configuration

  • Left hand and right hand drainer type – In the left hand drainer, the drainer is on the left hand side, and in the right hand drainer, the drainer is on the right hand side.
  • Left hand and right hand half bowl type – In the left hand half bowl type, there is a bowl on the left hand side instead of a drainer, and in the right hand half bowl type, there is a bowl on the right hand.
  • Reversible drainer type – In the reversible drainer, you can change the drainer by fitting the tapholes with the drainer you choose.


Features of a kitchen sink in Phoenix to look out for

Room – While you choose your kitchen sink, make sure you keep the size of the cabinet you need in your mind. If you want a sink to hold a lot of vessels in, then go for the under mount type.

Mounting type – A under mount type sink sits under the cabinet, while a top mount is over the cabinet. Also, the top mount has slightly lesser cabinet space than an under mount sink.

Durability – Check for the material and construction of the sink. Stainless steel and graphite are the best when it comes to durability. They are also cost effective and efficient.

Suits your kitchen – You must choose a type of kitchen sink that is compatible with your kitchen design to get the best look of a Phoenix Kitchen Sink.


There are many brands out there, in Phoenix. They are attractive, durable, and practical. This is because there are many manufacturers in the city, who manufacture the incredible kitchen sinks in the hotels of Phoenix. Make sure you select one that suits your preferences and lifestyle, to get a practical and the best kitchen sink for you.


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